Free my Heart – Quantum Tantra & the intimacy of Truth (on line)

Free my Heart – Quantum Tantra & the intimacy of Truth (on line)

Magic of Love - The International Tantra school - presents:

Tantra Teacher training Level 2 -

Free My Heart! • Quantum Tantra & the Intimacy of Truth

“Great Sex as a gate to oness, total honesty as a key to the heart, and meditation as the doorway to consciousness, are the ingredients for incredible life & epic intimate relationships" Nadav Or

FMH is a 21 days on line course to learn and explore the fields of the Intimacy of truth, sexual healing & sexual empowerment (Quantum Tantra).

Practice : 07/12/2020 - 28/12/2020
Mondays & Thursdays, 18-20 (Europe time).

To get an idea about the Free my Heart course, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I still looking for "the One" that will make me happy, that will complete me?
  2. Am I ready to find it within my self, as the base for conscious Relating?

One of the strongest conditions that most of us got from society, is that I need someone in order to be happy and to have pleasure. This condition creates dependency, jealousy and suffering. This is why in Magic of Love, we believe that the base for relationship is to love my self, and stop searching for someone else. Then when I can find the joy and pleasure in my self, I will attract the right partner for me, exactly on the right time.

This is why we recommend to take part in Free my Mind course before doing the Free my Heart.

Free my Heart - course topics

  1. What is Tantra and how can I start implement it in my life? The 5 secrets for tantric love making.
    Tantra meditation and sublimation techniques.
  2. Relationship or Relationshit - Intimate relationship as the platform for healing our deepest wounds of rejection and abandonment.
  3. The 3 keys for successful relationships – vulnerability, honesty and being ready to be wrong,
  4. Falling in Love V. Rising in Love; Polyamory V. Poly-agony; Freedom as the base for love V. the freedom to commit to what is good for me.
  5. Losing energy in my relationships and in my sex V. gaining energy – giving V. pleasing.
  6. Boundaries - the foundation for Tantra and conscious relating & practice of the wheel of consent.
  7. Forgiveness practice & meditation to come back to trust in Love.
  8. Energetic love making & Sex Magic.

INVESTMENT - 360 euro

Are you ready to take the leap into the unknown, and discover your true magnificent self?

If I have a YES to join the Free my Heart course - now is the time (always:)) to send a mail - "I want to register for Free my Heart on line course" to our mail :

Have a doubt? Want to meet the facilitator?

Send a message to WhatsApp: +66925721253 and we will set up a talk with Nadav Or.

"Only when I am ready to jump off the cliff, will my wings open up…" Nadav Or

Thank you and much love,

Magic of Love team

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