The Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to co-create an International Tantra Com - Unity, that practices Compassion, Sharing & Freedom.

Together to create a world of brothers and sisters, that are ready to forgive, to collaborate, and to care for nature, and for each other in order to create a better world.

The Mission

Creating sacred and safe spaces, to practice the Art of Tantric healing. In this way, we can empower each other to be the best version of ourselves, and thus be an active part in the healing and awakening of the world.

The best way I can support the world is to wake up to the truth of who I am.

The way we are doing it is by supporting people to realize who they truly are. Realizing who they are, naturally, they become more loving for themselves, others and nature.

Once you do our training, you have the possibility to join the leadership program and to become part of the management of the organization.

There is enough abundance for everyone, especially when we collaborate, share, and co-create.