The Founder

Karim (Nadav) Or

Karim was born in Israel (1972), and lived there, fully engaged in the western way of living, with a Law & Business degrees, and experience of 10 years in teaching, founding, and running a private mathematics school.

Karim has been learning and practicing self-awareness, since 2001, in Humanication, Yoga (Sivananda), NLP mastery and coach, Theta Healing,  and Tantra (Osho, Taoism & Ista).

Karim is officially,Nlp Coach, specialize in couple therapy, sexual healing & empowerment .

Karim had his ‘awakening’ in the Sinai desert (Egypt) in 2010, and in Osho' ashram in Israel -  and since then he is coaching, teaching, and facilitating retreats in India, Thailand, Germany, Holland, Israel, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and Egypt (Sinai).

Karim is passionate about the science of magic & miracles (Quantum Physics), and in order to simplify the spiritual practices, he has founded the ‘SPARK’ method (simple, practical, and raw kabbalah) and it became the name of his new creation - SPARK - International Consciousness Com-Unity.

Since his awakening, Karim has been creating various meditations, retreats and practices, to support people in their own awakening, including Free my mind (2012), Free my heart (2012), Free my soul (2014) and all  3 retreats together creating Magic of Love Tantra Teacher Training.

Few quotes from Karim:

"Only when I am ready to jump of then cliff, will my wings open up"

"only by letting go of the search, will I find what I am looking for"

"The grateful frequency is the magical frequency"

what others say about Karim Or

“You facilitated this retreat with the beauty of your full presence, and the very inspiring expression of wisdom and craziness, precise recognition and fully surrendering to the moment, humour, love, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, power, softness, masculinity, pleasure, intuition and openness. you showed me how to connect to the abundance of the universe, the importance of confidence in my heart and how to be present, to connect to the sensations of my body, and to be fully in my strength and power. Thank you so much!!”

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience, for you and for your teaching. Magic of Love is the thing that changed my life the most. You opened a whole new world for me—a world of love, freedom, self-expression, compassion and sexuality. Thank you so much!!

Gratitudes & Inspirations

Karim’s Teachers 

  1. Our beloved Master Osho
  2. Jesus
  3. Prem Sambhavo 
  4. Adyashanti
  5. Eckhart Tolle
  6. Mooji
  7. Neero


  1. ISTA - The International School for Temple Arts
  2. Humanication organization
  3. NLP Israel (by Miki Barkel)


Special Gratitude goes to 2 special women that were a part of Magic of Love creation - 

  1. Shola Anabell Bachmann (2012 - 2014)
  2. Kabira Karlijn Kouwenhoven (2015 - 2019)

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