Free My Soul

rLevel 3 - Free my Soul - Tantric Therapist & Tantra Facilitator
All 3 retreats together - Free my Mind, Free my Heart & Free my Soul are the Tantra Teacher Training (300 hours certificate course) from Magic of Love - 33 days (24 days training & 9 days integration).
Initiation to become Tantra Facilitator & Tantric Therapist.
Free my Soul - after graduating Free my Mind & Free my heart (the Tantric initiation) - I might be ready to go all the way and to learn the Art of Magic & Miracels (Base on Quantum Physics) & The Art of supporting others in their own healing and expansion journey (the best way I can continue my own healing and expansion) - as a Tantra Therapist & Tantra Facilitator.
What can I expect from this training?
Expect the unexpected - In this training I will go beyond anything I have ever known before. I will learn to cope with uncertainty, and I will learn to enjoy the unknown.
Learning to enjoy the unknown is actually the base for becoming a superhuman, and amazing Tantra Therapist & Tantra Facilitator.
I will learn to embrace the paradoxes and contradictions in life, especially if I want to be an amazing therapist and facilitator, and learn the Art of Magic & Miracles (base on Quantum Physics).
My mind might tell me that I need to learn a lot in order to become Tantra Facilitator & Tantra Therapist, but the truth is that I am already the best Therapist and Facilitator exactly as I am, and what is mostly required from me is to understand and fully surrender to truth that I am not the one that is doing the healing - I am just the channel for the healing to occur through me, and my role is just to have the right intention, to be in the heart and to trust.
“Only when I let go of everything I think I know, a powerful healing can occur”
What will I learn in the practical sense in order to become a Tantra Therapist?
How to give a Tantric Session in general, and specific Tantra massage.
How to hold space for Healing?
How to create safety for me and for my client, including how to create a sacred container.
What questions to ask before we start the session.
How to deal with challenging situations in a session.
How to support deep healing? The body remembers our wounds and traumas, it stores it in our cells, and in Tantra Massage and Tantric Healing sessions, we are likely to touch those wounds, for healing. In the training we will learn how to support healing of deep wounds and traumas.
What will I learn in order to become a tantra facilitator?
The basic structure and the tools for facilitating a Tantra event of 3-4 hours, that allow me to start my journey as a Tantra Facilitator.
Example of basic structure - emotional release, tantric practices, meditations & rituals, sharing, grounding & consecration (dedicate the fruits of the practice to a Nobel/sacred purpose)
How to facilitate Tantra meditations, practices and rituals that can be used in order to have a significant and powerful Tantra event.
Some of the practices that I will learn how to facilitate -
Shiva Shakti meditation, Kundalini meditation, Forgiveness rituals, Self love practices, Self pleasure ritual, the Wheel of Consent & the essence of tantric session.
I will also have a chance to recieve feedback from the whole group, so that I can improve my abilities as a facilitator.
I will also have a chance to create and facilitate my own tantric practice or tantric ritual, get the feedback from the group and learn other new practices from the rest of the group.
The skills learned through this training, will set you up to be able to safely hold participants through their self-liberation journey. You will leave confident to be able to conduct your own classes.
As you unlock pieces of your own self-healing, you will learn how to transmit these messages effectively to your students. Going deep into our own process, allows us to take our students to new depths with us and share from an embodied space.
The accommodation is as follow -
Free my Mind - Bungalows on the Red Sea (1 day arrival + 7 days training + 2 days integration)
Free my Heart - Oasis in the mountains (with natural spring Water Pool) & sleeping in a big Bedouin tent (up to 6 people in every tent)
Free my Soul - paradise in the mountains - with rain water natural lake & one Billion star hotel - sleeping under the sky (there is the possibility of a big Bedouin tent).

* Private Bungalow (with private shower, toilet & AC) - 8,800 USD (4 bungalows) -
* Private Bungalow (with AC & shared shower & toilet) - 7,700 USD (9 Bungalows)
* Private Bungalow for 2 people (with private shower, toilet & AC) - 6,600 USD (4 bungalows)
The Investment Includes meals (Detox) & accommodation for 33 days (24 days Training, day of arrival & 8 days Integration). not include transportation & entrance fees.
In this shamanic training, we reach the infinite wisdom of the body, opening our channel to our guidance to support ourselves and others, to connect to who we really are - Super Humans.
We will acknowledge how our own personal process, is accelerate when we support others to come to the realization about who they are, and about their ability to live the life of their dreams.
The training consists of four cornerstones: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
We will experience, understand and facilitate a blend of meditations based on Tantra, Life Coaching and Shamanism. Free my Soul supports to integrate coaching concepts with active and passive meditations, Yoga, NLP, bodywork, Shamanic rituals and ceremonies, mindfulness practices and transmissions of ancient knowledge. It means to understand your gift, and be supported to embrace your greatness with quantum meditations, group feedback and coaching.
We align consciousness, intimacy and love. With the power to manifest anything we want, from pleasure, healing, and higher states of awareness.
Thank you,
Magic of Love Team