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Free My Mind - The Art of Love 

Self Love  - Self Realization Training

Duration: 7 days + 2 days Integration

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“Only by letting go of the search can I find what I am looking for." -Karim Or, facilitator & founder.
What would it be like, If I could live up to my potential?
What would it be like, If I could fully accept and love myself exactly the way I am?
What would it be like, if I could live the life I really want?
FREE MY MIND - Level 1 - The Art of Love - Self Realization training
"Only by letting go of the search, will I find what I am looking for" - Karim Or, facilitator
9 day full immersion retreat
6/10/2022 - Day of arrival
7 - 13/10/2022 - Training
14 - 15/10/2022 - Integration (invitation to stay at the venue - free of cost)
Free My Mind is a Shamanic Journey to discover the only place of True Love & Happiness - my truest, innermost beautiful and powerful Self.
We invite you to ask yourself the following questions to dive into the beginning of that journey:
Do I really know my self beyond the story of myself?
How often do I find myself trying to get validation, approval or love from an outside source?
How often do I find myself losing energy (lowering my vibration) by judging myself or others?
The truth, learned by many years of experience, and searching, is that the only way to stop looking for approval, validation, or love - and the only way to stop judging - is by fully accepting myself, and loving myself FULLY as I am.
Realising my true Eternal Self is the essence for living an extraordinary life of joy and fulfilment, and this is the essence of Free my Mind training.
This training is for me if -
1. I am feeling exhausted after endless desires, that will never get me to find what I am really looking for and I am ready to look for it inside of myself.
2. I am ready to face my shadows and fears, in order to realise how strong and beautiful I really am.
3. I am ready to stop searching for love, and I am ready to go through 'the dark night of the soul' and let go of these outdated beliefs and stories in order to find the Love of my life - me!
How would my life look like if -
1. I could find my real gift, beauty and talents to share with the world?
2. I could share my talents, my creativity and my love from a place of joy, relaxation & fulfillment?
3. I could remember the place of love, joy and peace within myself, and in this way the best things in life would begin to be drawn to me in a magical and profound way.
The sustainable abundance from outside can only come, by realizing the abundance within.

What is included in the Free my Mind training?
The intention of the detox program - in all 3 levels - is to be free from all addictions -
MIND - Freedom from our addictions to our limited personality, dramas & limited believes.
BODY - Freedom from our addictions to any kind of drugs, alcohol & most important - Food.
We will gradually reduce our consumption of food from one training to another (much easier than what I think) - by enjoying healthy vegan love food, and a lot of fruits & vegetables, that we can get a lot of energy from the food, and become more and more LIGHT.
HEART - The essence of all training is to realize - by direct experience - that I am already the Love I was always looking for - and thus letting go of codependency relationshit and addiction to connections & sex. This is also the base to attract the best partners to my growth and expansion.
The training will take place @ SINAI EGYPT.
SINAI EGYPT is one of the highest vibrational places in the world, thus will support the transformation process.
—a powerful, simple and unique coaching method, designed by Karim, to release conditioning and jump .
tools—used to release old stories and pain. These are utilised to Discover the that is always there.
( )—A guided practice of Self inquiry. The source of our suffering is our identification with our stories and our personality. . This Truth makes us drop addictions, and we start attracting the right situations and people into our lives. We get to experience real abundance.
" I " —Our strongest condition is to believe that if I get what I want, I will be happy. But In reality, , and the reason I don't see it and feel it is because I am a slave for my endless desires. This powerful meditation cuts through the illusion and guides us to the ultimate answer for the question - what do I really want?
Parents —Healing the connection with our parents holds the key to a deep healing in our life. If I want to heal my connection with men, I need to first heal my connection with my father. If I want to heal my connection with women, I need to first heal my connection with my mother.
SYD (Statue Yoga Dance) meditation—we live our lives in fast forward and we constantly miss ourselves. In this powerful meditation we will move slowly (almost like a statue.) This allows us to connect to a deep place and from there a movement arises. This supports in trusting in the Unknown.
—In this meditation we go back to hurtful events that caused us to close up, and we will . We will reconnect with our inner child to start the journey of opening up to trust love again.
—On this journey into our subconscious we bring the light of awareness to our limiting beliefs and our judgments towards self and others. We release these beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs. Finally we let go of the empowering beliefs as well because ' !
—The final step in this journey! We are ready to face the fears that prevent us from embracing the Truth of who we are. We will be initiated to our True Self, in a powerful group ceremony, and receive specific tools that will support us in the path of our own personal awakening.
The training will take place @ Rosa Camp, Sinai, Egypt.
Karim, NLP Tantra coach (12 years) - the founder of Magic of Love, specializes in couple therapy, sexual healing & sexual empowerment.
Karim is the creator and lead facilitator of Free my Mind, Free my Heart & Free my Soul retreats, and the Founder and Director of Magic of Love School
Private Bungalow (with AC) - 2,500 USD
Private Bungalow (no AC) - 2,200 USD
Double occupancy - 1,800 USD
The investment Includes meals (Detox) & accommodation for 7 days Training & 2 days Integration. not include transportation & entrance fees.
And the last question we invite you to ask yourself ...
Do I feel the call to join the Free my Mind Training?
If It Is a YES - now is the time to send an email saying- "I want to register to Free my Mind training in Sinai, Egypt" to
Have a doubt or a question? want to talk with the organizer or the facilitator?
Send a Whatsapp message to +525518500380 (Marcela)
"Only when I am ready to jump off the cliff, will my wings open up..." Karim OR
Thank you and much love,
Magic of Love team