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Self Love  - Self Realization Training

Duration:6 days - 6 days

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“Only by letting go of the search can I find what I am looking for." -Karim Or, facilitator & founder.
What would it be like, If I could live up to my potential?
What would it be like, If I could fully accept and love myself exactly the way I am?
What would it be like, if I could live the life I really want?

Content of the retreat

Free My Mind is an intense, simple and powerful 6 days of Self discovery Training, to detox mind, body, and heart, to acknowledge - from experience - that I am what I was looking for all my life, and I have the power to create paradise in my life inside and outside.

We invite you to ask yourself the following questions to dive into the beginning of that journey.

Can I really accept and love my self exactly as I am?
Do I really know my self beyond the story of myself?
How often do I find myself trying to get validation, approval or love from an outside source?
How often do I find yourself losing energy/lowering my vibration by judging myself or others?

The truth Is that the only way to stop looking for approval, validation or love and the only way to stop judging is by fully accepting myself, and loving myself FULLY as I am.

I invite you to say this a few times out loud—And sit with the feeling after it lands. And just notice what comes up.
“The only way to fully accept, and love myself as I am, is by realising my true eternal self.”

Realising my true Eternal Self is the essence for living an extraordinary life of joy and fulfilment, and this is the essence of Free my Mind training.

This training is for me if....?
1. I am feeling exhausted— after endless desire (money, sex, relationships), and am ready to step out of my comfort zone.
2. I am ready to face my shadows, in order to realise how strong and beautiful I really am.
3. I am ready to stop searching for love, and I am ready to go through 'the dark night of the soul' and let go of these outdated beliefs and stories in order to find the Love of my life - me!

Whats would it look like if:
1. I could find my real gift, beauty and talents to share with the world?
2. I could share my talents, my creativity and my love from a place of joy, relaxation & fulfillment?
3. I could remember the place of love, joy and peace within myself, and in this way the best things in life would begin to be drawn to me in a magical and profound way.
The sustainable abundance from outside can only come, by realizing the abundance within.

What is included in the Free my Mind training?

• Body detox to cleanse toxins and addictions
• Detox of our minds and hearts by healing past traumas and wounds
• Qi - Gong and Yoga classes to connect deeper to who we are.
• Release of limiting beliefs and judgments
• Daily Meditations
• Radical Honesty and trust exercises
• A remembering of my capacity to love everything in my life!


Free my Mind practices – 

      1. Freedom Life Coaching - a very powerful, simple, and unique coaching method to release conditions and start the journey of liberation.
      2. Emotional Release practices (from shamanism) - the tools to release new and old pain, and to come into the space of inner peace and joy, that is always there -  not affected by outside circumstances.  
      3. Satsang (sharing truth) - Self-inquiry - the source of our suffering comes from identifying ourselves with our stories and our personality. Satsang is coming to realize the Truth of who we are - a that can support me to get rid of my addictions, that can get me to attract the right situations and people into my life, and get me to experience real abundance in my life. 
      4. Who am I meditation  Our strongest condition is to believe that if I get what I want, I will be happy, but the truth of the matter is that  I am already everything I ever looked for, and the reason I don't see it and feel it is because I am a slave for my endless desires. What I want is a meditation that will support me to cut through the illusions of my endless desires and reach the ultimate answer for the question - what do I really want?
      5. Healing Parents meditations Healing the connection with our parents holds the key to deep healing in our life. If I want to heal my connection with men, it is for me to heal my connection (present and past) with my father. If I want to heal my connection with women- it is for me to heal my connection with my mother.  
      6. Inner child healing & reconnection  - we all started open, joyful, and loving, and at a very early age we got hurt, and we learn that to be joyful, open, and loving is dangerous, so we closed up, and neglected our inner child (these events were we got hurt also known as traumas). In this inner child healing meditation, we will have a chance to go back to these events, to forgive ourselves and others, to reconnect to our inner child, to come back to play, and to start the journey of opening up to trust love again.
      7. Self Love - a journey into our subconscious, that we can bring the light of awareness to our dark places  - our limiting beliefs and judgments towards others and towards ourselves - releasing them (step 1) and replacing them (step 2) with empowering beliefs, that in our advanced state we let go of these empowering beliefs as well (step 3) - once I know I don't need to believe! 
      8. Personal Initiation - the final step in this retreat, after releasing the illusion of who we thought we are, we are ready to face the fears that prevented us to embrace the Truth of who we are. After facing these fears we will be initiated to our true enlightened self, and get the specific tools that will support us in the path of our own personal awakening.  

FACILITATOR - Karim (Nadav) Or

Karim, Nlp Tantra coach (12 years) - the founder of Magic of Love, specializes in self-love realization, conscious relationships, and sacred sexuality. The Creator of Free My Mind, Free My Heart & Free My Soul retreat.

And the last question we invite you to ask yourself - 

Am I ready to take the leap into the unknown, and discover my true magnificent self?

If I have a YES now is the time (always:)) to send a mail - "I want to register to Free my Mind -  to our mail:

Have a doubt? Want to talk with the organizer or the facilitator?

Send a message to WhatsApp: +52 984 240 1915 (Carmen),  and we will set up a talk with Karim.

"Only when I am ready to jump off the cliff, will my wings open up..." Karim (Nadav) Or.

thank you and see you soon, 

Karim Or & Magic of Love team