Free my Mind

Magic of Love - The International Tantra school - presents:

Tantra Teacher training Level 1 - 

Free my Mind - Self Love Realization Training and now online -

21 days training - 10/11 - 01/12/20, twice a week, Tuesdays & Fridays, 18.00 - 20.00 & the Initiation on the 29/11, 17.00 - 20.00 (Europe time).

“Only by letting go of the search, can I find what I am looking for..."  Nadav Or, facilitator

When I am honest with myself, what are my answers to these questions?

How would it be like, If I could live my potential?

How would it be like, If I could really accept, and love my self the way I am?

How would it be like, if I could embrace my true self, and live the life I really want?

Free My Mind is an intense, simple and powerful 21 days journey, to detox my mind, body and heart, to acknowledge - from experience - that I am what I was looking for all my life, and I have the power to create paradise in my life inside and out side.

Free my Mind course topics – 

1. The magic meditation* for my everyday life; meeting my new best friend & learning the tools for emotional release. 

2. Who am I meditation* & how can I be free from my addictions?

3. What do I want meditation* and how to have the things I want coming to me? 

4. Healing Parents meditations (base on Geshtalt therapy).  

5. Inner child meditation* - source of Joy, love & creativity in my life;  intro to human design. 

6. A journey to my subconscious, to my limiting believes ; self-love practices.

7. Initiation to my new (real) self, and how to continue my transformation. 

Meditation * whatever gets me to be fully present, as the only place that Love (me and my life) exist.


Nadav Or, Nlp Tantra coach - the founder of Magic of Love, specialize in self love realization, conscious relationships, and sacred sexuality.

And the last question we invite you to ask yourself - 

Am I ready to take the leap into the unknown, and discover my true magnificent self?


And now special offer for this training - 50% discount  - 180 euro.

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Have a doubt? Want to meet the facilitator?

Send a message to WhatsApp: +66925721253 and we will set up a talk with Nadav Or. 

"Only when I am ready to jump off the cliff, will my wings open up..." Nadav Or

thank you and much love, 

Magic of Love tribe

See you soon, thank you and much love,

Muriel Castex, Nadav or & Magic of Love team