Free My Heart

Free My Heart  - The Intimacy of Truth & Tantric Initiation

Duration: 7 days 

For singles & couples 

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“Meditation as a door to consciousness, total honesty as a key to the heart, and great Sex as the gateway to Oness - are the ingredients for incredible life & epic intimate relationships, and this is the essence of Free my Heart retreat”  Karim (Nadav) Or, Facilitator & Founder.

Can I imagine -

What would it be like, If I could be totally honest in my relationships & my Sexuality?

What would it be like, if I could forgive the people that hurt me, trust and open up to intimate love relationships?

What would it be like, If I could learn Tantra meditations, rituals, and massage, including the 5 simple secrets of tantric lovemaking? 

Free My Heart is an intense, and powerful 11 days immersion journey (8 days practice & 3 days integration)  to heal, learn and explore the fields of conscious relationships, sexual healing & sexual empowerment.

By using various Tantra meditations and rituals, we will release shame, guilt, and fear, about our own sexuality. We will cleanse our belief system and our bodies. We will tap into unlimited amounts of energy, pleasure, and joy. By becoming more sensitive and open, we will connect to the infinite wisdom of our body, and we will come back to trust our intuition. We will remember that our body and heart know exactly what to do in every moment. 

Have you noticed how every intimate relationship starts great, with a lot of joy and pleasure, and soon after, the pain arises and the blame with it.

In this retreat, we will have a chance to go all the way to our deepest desires and heal our deepest wounds. we will realize that relationships in general, and specific intimate relationships, are the best platform for healing our wounds of rejection and abandonment. We feel the attraction exactly to the people that will be the best activators of our wounds, for the purpose of healing.


Free my Heart Topics and Practices: 

  • Emotional Release practices (from shamanism) - the tools to release new and old pain, and to come into the space of inner peace and joy, that is always there -  not affected by outside circumstances - the base for successful relationships.
  • Relationship coaching - Unique, simple, and empowering coaching technique that will support us to realize how we have been creating the suffering in our lives and in our relationships, by blaming others, and how liberating it is to take the responsibility for our own happiness, peace, and pleasure.
  • Forgiveness Rituals (include mantras) - we all started open, sharing love unconditionally (it is our nature), but then we got hurt and we closed down in order to protect ourselves, but if we want to experience deep love, it is for us to forgive. In this powerful ritual, we will have a chance to stand in front of every person that ever hurt us, to express our resentment (deep anger), our mistrust and fears, that we carry after expressing and thus releasing those emotions we are able to forgive, to open up and trust love again.
  • The intimacy of Truth:
  • Vulnerability is the essence of an intimate conscious relationship in general and specific for tantric sex. Sharing my fears, boundaries and desires get me to be vulnerable and give me a chance to heal my wound (fear) of rejection.  
    • Boundaries & Desires practices - Expressing desires & boundaries are the foundation for Tantra and conscious relating. We will learn and practice to recognize them, and express them, and appreciate the No of our partners!! We will practice the wheel of consent that will allow us to become conscious of subtle manipulations that we do in our sex life, especially around our desires. We'll have a chance not just to recognize and express our boundaries, but also to expand beyond them. 
  • Radical Honesty - We will learn to take responsibility for our wounds, we will hold space for each other to express appreciations and resentments on actual facts (and not of our stories and imaginations around it), that we can heal, forgive and open up to trust Love again. 
  • Self-pleasure (and love) Ritual - The self-pleasure ritual will remind us how good and healing it is to give so much love, conscious touch, and attention to ourselves, and discover much pleasure in our own bodies. It is the base for relationships with others. How can I know what to ask my partner if I still don't know what is pleasurable for me?
  • Sexual Healing (including energetic lovemaking) - So many times we hurt ourselves by condemning our genitals and bodies, and by being unconscious and loving to our bodies in general and specific to our genetics. Every time that we were making love when we were not ready, or not didn't really want to. the body remembers the hurt and pain from our unconscious and unloving touch or sex, and now it's time for healing.
  • Tantric meditations, rituals, and massage - these classic practices will support us to activate our creative life force energy (sexual energy) - not just for extended orgasm - but also for healing, a higher level of consciousness, and manifesting whatever we want. 
    • Gaining energy V. Losing energy -A strong condition that we hold from our society is that we need someone else for feeling happy, love, and pleasure. This conditioned belief creates jealousy, dependency and it is the main reason for losing energy.  The base for a conscious relationship is to find our happiness, love, and pleasure in ourselves (Free my Mind Retreat), then we don’t come to our relationships like beggars for love and pleasure, we come to share it. This is the secret for the expansion of our love - sharing with no expectation to receive - Sharing from the abundance within is how our love is expanding and how we gain energy instead of losing energy. 
  • Temple Nights - From our deepest desires to our deepest wounds and Vise Versa. Temple nights are sacred and safe spaces, to implement what we have learned and practice during the retreat. Space for conscious Sex-ploration. A space where nothing needs to happen, and everything can happen...


Karim Or, Nlp Tantra coach (12 years) - the founder of Magic of Love, specializes in self-love realization, conscious relationships, and sacred sexuality. The Creator of Free my Mind, Free my Heart & Free my Soul retreats.

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"Only when I am ready to jump off the cliff, will my wings open up..." Karim Or

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Flavia, Karim 7 Magic of Love team