What We Do

Magic of Love provides self-realization and Tantra Retreats to support people in embracing their greatness. In a safe and supportive environment we work to release guilt, shame and fear and discover topics such as: our self-judgements, limiting beliefs, conscious relationships, sacred sexuality and the wisdom of the universe. In addition we offer private life coaching and private healing body sessions.

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Free My Mind!

Self (Love) Realization Training

How content are you with your life? How much do you really love yourself? Your family? Your job?
In this self (love) realization training we liberate ourselves from self-judgements and limiting beliefs. We will come to the realisation - from experience -  that we are already everything we ever looked for, right here, right now.

"only by letting go of the search, will I find what I am looking for" (Nadav Moshe Or)

  • Free my Mind training topics & practices – 
      • Freedom Life Coaching

      •  Emotional Release practices

      • Satsang (sharing truth) - Self inquiry

      • Who am I meditation

      • Healing Parents meditation.

      • Inner child healing & reconnection.

      • Self Love. 

    • Buddha Initiation

Free My Heart!

Quantum Tantra & the Intimacy of Truth

How much freedom and honesty do you experience in your relationships? In your sexuality?
In this Tantra Retreat we focus on aligning love, intimacy and consciousness. You will explore Tantra tools for conscious relationships, and discover sacred sensuality, and sacred sexuality to manifest everything you want!

In a safe and sacred space, we are going to reconnect with our life force creative energy for healing, pleasure and higher levels of consciousness.

We are tapping into unlimited amounts of energy, pleasure and joy. Then, we connect to the infinite wisdom of our body.  By becoming more sensitive and open, we learn to fully rely on our intuition. We come to realize that our body and heart knows exactly what to do in every moment.

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Free My Soul!

Tantra Teacher Training

Free my Soul is the final step in the quantum leap freedom program. we will support you to step in your full potential to embrace the Master that you are that you can help others discover their own strength and beauty.

The essence of  Free my Soul - Tantra teacher Training is to go deep in the Tantric practices and to start facilitating. You will get a chance to facilitate different kinds of meditations and practices from different schools, including Magic of Love. you will also have the chance to create you own meditations and practice to facilitate them and to get feedback from Nadav Moshe and the rest of the Group.

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Tantra Temple Retreat

Transformation through pleasure and truth.

This retreat is an invitation to go deep in tantric practices, to support intense personal transformation in short period of time.  that is why we create a safe container by choosing advanced participants (sensitive and conscious) and limit the number for 22 people all together.

Private life coaching

Do you feel stuck? Limited? Do you have a specific questions or topics you want to work on?
In a one on one coaching session (online or face to face) we dive deep into a topic that you want to expand within your life. You will taste the benefits from being courageous and asking for help!

Private healing bodywork

How do you feel in your own skin? How is the flow of your energy? How open and relaxed are you with your body?
In a private session we will honor the body as a temple via conscious touch and (Tantric) massage. Based on your personal desires you will be able to combine body, mind and spirit healing!