2017 year of Transition for Magic of Love

2017 year of Transition for Magic of Love

Big News Everyone! Magic of Love is in the year of transition!

What does it mean? We don't know it yet!

In 2018 we are planning longer and bigger retreats, different names that imply the additional value which is brought in the programs by expansion of the core team and facilitators.

Yes! We are going to have more facilitators which means bigger variety of experiences and inspirations.

With more facilitators from all over the world, Magic of Love is expected to spread through more continents. So far we've only been in Europe, Australia and Central-South Americas. More to come.

Additionally we're planning to provide Free Your Body! retreat for ultimate purification and gateway to Tantra Love, Sensuality and Relationships. It will include everything from diet to conscious walking.

Also, we are collaborating with other Tantra schools and local spiritual communities that support us in giving evening and weekend workshops in Amsterdam and Berlin. We are having Tantra Temples and Full Moon parties Magic of Love style in SPIRIT Berlin and Odessa City retreat in Amsterdam.

We are anticipating more invitations from more communities around the world to host us and support us in bringing the Magic to you! If you would like us to come to your town in 2018 - give us a shout!

Guess what? From 2018 we're choosing bigger and more luxurious venues that support our Magic to unfold. We will spend our days in paradise! If you know a great venue for us - please share!

Very soon you will find us next to you! Keep your eyes and minds open - Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events.


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