Free my Mind – Self Love Realization Training

Magic of Love - The International Tantra school - presents: Free my Mind online - Self (Love) Realization Training “Only by letting go of the search, can I find what I am looking for…" Kal Nadav Moshe Or, Facilitator When you are honest with yourself, what are your answers to these questions? Do you find…
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Free my Heart – Quantum Tantra & the intimacy of Truth (on line)

Magic of Love - The International Tantra school - presents: Tantra Teacher training Level 2 - Free My Heart! • Quantum Tantra & the Intimacy of Truth “Great Sex as a gate to oness, total honesty as a key to the heart, and meditation as the doorway to consciousness, are the ingredients for incredible life…
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The Quantum Leap Freedom Program

Quantum Tantra..  death & rebirth into yourself "only when I jump from the cliff, will my wings open up..." Nadav Or The Quantum Leap Freedom Program is the Magic of Love journey to full liberation of the self, a cosmic quantum leap that sets you free in 3 steps - Free my Mind!, Free my Heart!…
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Freedom is a choice.
Imagine finding your voice,
expressing and addressing your deepest emotions,
the truth spoken manifests magic that's potent to unleash our true potential.
Let go of expectations and experience the exciting outcomes of what you put in.
The universe is always accurate,  if it's a maybe it's a no,  and if it's a yes, then you are very welcome to the intention dimension.
Take 100% responsibility for the life you live and invest in yourself.
All is welcome here to "Free my Mind"
-Magic of Love