Curious to what participants say about the Magic of Love courses? Check out these testimonials.

“I feel a deep connection with myself. For me it's meeting Peacefulness, Silence, and at the same time Excitement and Enthusiasm in every little experience of my life.”

Amit Ananda Goldenberg, 3 months after Free your Heart!, Tantra workshop Berlin, Germany, August 2014

“After the course I felt a transformation that helped me to receive answers to questions I had about myself. I feel differently. I now understand and I feel what it is like to feel peaceful inside. I learned to love myself for the divine being that I am. I recommend this workshop to anyone who has questions about themselves.”

Cat Griffith, 10 minutes after Free your Mind! Self-realization workshop Freiburg, Germany, September 2013

“This course was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life. I could let go of my obsessive craving for love.”

Noam Cohen Raz, 9 months after Free your Heart! Tantra workshop in Goa, India, December 2012