Curious to what participants say about the Magic of Love courses? Check out these testimonials.

“Eternal thanks for giving me the opportunity to discover my divinity and my own inner power. “


“Thank you so much for the possibility of sharing unconditional love. It made me open and relax.”


“Alle Korper gespurt,
Alle Gefuhle gefuhlt,
Alle Seele erfasst,
Allen Angsten ins Gesicht geschaut,
Alle Freiheit genommmen.
Danke Nadav”


“Thank you so much for this wonderful amazing workshop!! This was a big dark road for me and the road now is so clear! For me this is a life changer!”

Amit Ananda,

“I felt resistance and went through the barriers that my mind could make in order to stay in control. Already in the morning on the 2nd day I surrendered to the process, thank the light inside of me to go deeper into my process. What happened?? I really don’t know and therefore I am grateful. Also for your help facilitating this and for your trust!”


“It all started with a wish for love and then you called me with the ‘Magic of Love’. Thanks a lot guys for showing me the way to my heart.”

Guy Toledo ,

“This weekend opened my heart in a way that will never be undone, I am very grateful for finding out that I am capable of unconditional love and I can experience this throughout my life.”

Kees Schenk,