Curious to what participants say about the Magic of Love courses? Check out these testimonials.

“Thank you for all the new knowledge and experience even if it was difficult sometimes.”


“If you are not sure yet if this is like the right thing for you, you’d better do it ;)”


“Wow, magic happens! Let your heart speak…”

Paul Marian,

“Ramp up into a healthy emotional life Nadav and Kabira have done a great job. But firstly it is you, listening to your emotions and release yourself to dive into life! Explore your processes and become happy and free.”


“So much fear inside of me, so much love around me! The openness, acceptance and the love of everyone in the group carries me through one of the biggest challenges of my life so far! Thank you!”


“LOVE is still and again and again…the answer. I found and still find my love tribe. Thank you both Kabira and Nadav for bringing love into practice and back in my heart. ”


“Two days after Free your Heart! I‘m still floating in seamless connection to the borderless width of my heart. Thank you so much for facilitating this incredible flow of Love Nadav and Kabira.”