Curious to what participants say about the Magic of Love courses? Check out these testimonials.

“Thank you for the rich weekend. I had a lot of new experiences inside me and with people that taught me something and helped me to find more freedom and happiness. It’s also nice that I felt safe here that other people couldn’t hurt me. I will be back!”


“It was amazing for me to experience in only 4 days so many different aspects of love and transformation inside of me! Looking back time went by like a blink of an eye and all the nice and happy people I met in this time are gone now. Memories and all your ideas, tools or instructions will stay though! Since it took me more than a decade to realize the idea of attending a tantra course I’m glad I finally decided for it. You are a great team and I hope to see you again.”


“I freed my heart, or so we say. I opened up, I released a lot, felt good and bad, and good again. I don’t know yet what I got, I got so much. I feel humble to start looking for words to describe it.”


“Again, I am deeply touched by you both, the beautiful; people. The soft and in the same time wild energy we create together. Grateful for your teachings in unconditional love, the bottom of my freedom. I am so glad you are on my path. Remembering my freedom and power and bringing me back to love. I will be back”


“I feel I am everything and nothing and have embraced (a lot) and let go (a lot). The mind is clear, the heart is open. Yu are everything. Thank you with all my heart for opening up and being there for us.”


“I am radiant, I am powerful, radiant witch shining, doing in life what I love. That is what the weekend has brought me. Thank you for the safe space, the beautiful tools and you powerful and loving way of teaching.”


“From my heart I thank you. Very much for this loving and opening weekend. I left behind all my negativity and new light came into me. I am a Goddess and I embrace you with love.”