Curious to what participants say about the Magic of Love courses? Check out these testimonials.

“The ability to transform the ugliest and the most scary places into the most beautiful spaces in (my) Universe! Love and Peace as well as trust, freedom and healing to all being. Thank you for living your true beings.”


“Free your Soul – what more to say than Love, Love, Love and thank you so much. Such an amazing process words can’t describe… fully in my strength, knowing that playing and staying with the tools and connecting to my heart is the only thing that I need to open up for abundance from the universe.”


“For me Free your Soul! really does sum it up. One of my best, crazy, harsh, natural, boundary pushing, honest weeks of my life. See you next time.”

Steven Wells,

“Thank you for everything that you are and for sharing me all that I am”


“Mind blowing course! I created to go steps forward to reach my source this weekend. It is beyond expectations. I am getting used to it a little. I met many beautiful people, who I reflect and they reflect me, amazing. The hero in me is awake again.”


“Thank you so much for bringing me closer to my true inner state of being. We all get what we need to come closer to our true self. In my heart there is now so much openness, sexuality, softness, love and happiness. Mmmmm…”


“Dear beautiful people that I love so unconditionally, what four days of growing and learning I have had! I’m immensely grateful for the experiences, the lessons and the people I’ve met and connected with in this course. You’ll certainly hear from me from time to time.”