About us

About Us
Magic of Love is the International Tantra school that was founded by Nadav Moshe Or in 2011, after his awakening, and deciding to dedicate his life for the awakening of the world. 
Nadav has started Magic of Love with the intention to co-create the right foundation that allow whomever feels the call, to be a part of this creation, that base on principles of "win-win", sharing, healing and empowering each other.
 SPARK is also summaries our methods - Simple, Practical And Raw Kabbalha, and it is also the name of our new project - International Conscious Com-unity.  
Our Vision
Our vision is to co-create a word of brothers and sisters, that ready to forgive, to collaborate, and to care for nature, and for each other in order to create a better life.
The way we are doing it is by supporting people to realise who they truly are. Realising who they are, naturally they become more loving for themselves, others and nature.
Our vision is to create a living organization - that not only allow you to realise, that everything you ever looked for is already who you are  - but also to show you how to share it with others (Tantra teacher training), and create together life of abundance, strength & Intimacy.
The best way I can support the world is to  wake up to the truth of who I am. 
Our Principles
  1. Responsibility
    We practise to take responsibility for everything in our lives. We come to realize that there is nothing outside of ourselves but reflections and interpretations that we could learn from— “It is never about the other person!”.
  2. Magic
    life can be really wonderful, magical and full of abundance, if we trust, accept with gratitude (Raw Kabblha) and surrender to whatever comes on our path. 
  3. Sharing
    For us, the secret of life is sharing and giving. When I choose to share, I create abundance in my life. From smiling to a stranger, speaking my truth and sharing my gifts. Sharing my love is expanding the magic!
Special Gratitude Goes Out To
  •  Sima & Shimon Or (Nadav Or's Parents)
  • Kabira (Karlijn kouwenhoven) - Nadav's Partner in Magic of Love between 2015 - 2018
  • Shola Anabell Bachmann - Nadav's Partner in Magic of Love between 2012 - 2014
  • Prem Sembavo (Nadav's first Tantra Teacher)
  • OSHO
  • Adyashanti
  • Alan Wats
  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Mooji Baba
  • Tanit
  • Margot Anand
  • Andrew Barns
  • Robert Silber
  • ISTA - International School for Temple Arts
  • Humanication