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Welcome to Magic of Love - The International Tantra school

Magic of love was founded by Karim (Nadav) Or after his awakening in Sinai in 2009, with the intention to support people to realize that everything they ever looked for - Love, Joy, Freedom - is already who they are, and that the only limitation that we have in life, is what we are creating to ourselves.

“Only when I jump off the cliff - will my wings open up”
Karim (Nadav) Or


Our Vision is to co-create an International Tantra Com - Unity, with the principles of Compassion, Sharing & Freedom.

A Com-Unity that is eager to discover who we really are, and explore the ways to expand love, Intimacy and consciousness in ourselves, and in the world. 


We accomplish our vision by creating sacred and safe spaces, training and retreats, to practice the Art of Tantric healing. In this way we can empower each other to be the best version of ourselves, and thus be an active part in the healing and awakening of the world.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi


Free My Mind
Free your mind and access your true being, consciousness, love and unity. Be yourself, truly, powerful, strong, and loving.
Free My Heart
Free your heart from its boundaries, shells, protections, and limits to live love with all of what and who you are right now. Connect, love, and be.
Free My Soul
Dive through your heart to your soul, connecting with your higher self, the universe, creation. Experience the energy of this source, love, pure and raw.
Temple Retreat
Tantra Temple retreat is an invitation to go deep in tantric practices, to support intense personal transformation in a short period of time.
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