The Magic is back in Europe

The Magic is back in Europe

Hey Europe!

We just got back from orgasmic expansions in Australia and Peru. The last half year has been incredible for both Nadav and Kabira! In Australia Karlijn Kabira has facilitated weekly Sacred Tantra Meditations (10x) in Melbourne and Sydney, she's has had the honor to teach with Bud Barber (Heart of Shiva Tantra School) and is now officially certified to facilitate Kundalini Awakening rituals, Source Communication and more Tantric Healing. YEAH MATE!
Nadav has had the chance to facilitate sold out workshops. From Free your Mind, Free your Heart (twice) and even our Train the Teacher Training Free your Soul!. In the heart of a valley in Cuzco they (20 free spirits) have been diving deeper into embracing the unknown and becoming a Master of our own lives. It has all been expansions of love...!
And now? Now, we can't wait to share the (new) magic with you in Europe! We kick-off with PLAYcreation in Utrecht on Wednesday the 22nd. We close the season with Free your Soul in Ibiza (participate in the Free your Mind and Free your Heart workshops to get access). So, check out the upcoming workshops, combine them with a lovely holiday and connect to your magical self again.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Love, light & blessings,
Nadav & Kabira

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