Nadav Or

Nadav meaning in Hebrew — generous of light

Nadav Or was born (in 1972) in Israel and lived there until 2011. After 18 years of being a teacher and 10 years of spiritual practice (Humanication, Osho groups and NLP coaching), Nadav has started to share his knowledge and experience by facilitating self-realization workshops, Tantra workshops and providing life coaching in Israel, Asia and Europe. Seven years ago he had a glimpse of his eternal true self, as the Love that he is. He dedicates his life to sharing this awakening to Love and Freedom with the world.

What Others Say About Nadav

“You facilitated this workshop with the beauty of your full presence, and the very inspiring expression of wisdom and craziness, precise recognition and fully surrendering to the moment, humour, love, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, power, softness, masculinity, pleasure, intuition and openness. you showed me how to connect to the abundance of the universe, the importance of confidence in my heart and how to be present, to connect to the sensations of my body, and to be fully in my strength and power. Thank you so much!!”

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience, for you and for your teaching. Magic of Love is the thing that changed my life the most. You opened a whole new world for me—a world of love, freedom, self-expression, compassion and sexuality. Thank you so much!!