Karlijn Kouwenhoven

Kabira meaning in Sanskrit — the vast one

Karlijn Kabira Kouwenhoven joined Magic of Love in 2014 and started facilitating with Nadav Or in 2015. She has a MSc degree in Psychology and during her studies she gained working and studying experience from Africa to the Middle-East. As a leadership consultant she facilitated personal, social and organizational transformations at Deloitte after which she decided to dedicate her time to connecting people to who they really are. Ever since she has been creating a down-to-earth, intuitive and humorous spiritual path for herself and others combining western and eastern philosophies and techniques.

What Others Say About Kabira

“Thank you for your presence and wise advice and intuition in the course. Always authentic with a high fun and humour factor. I perceive you as sensual and caring and as a very strong female energy.”

“I love the way you talk. You have so much wisdom, deliberateness and compassion in your words.”

“To me you’re so powerful and strong and at the same time soft tender and childish. Thank you for being such an inspiration and this wonderful mirror to me.”

“There were so many times when I felt your dedication, strength, compassion, empathetic and full presence with all your grace, intelligence wisdom, beauty, and awareness to the healing process. I am deeply touched. I love you honesty and openness, your critical mind, your intuition, that is so powerful, your female power and feminist approach to behaviour, sprinkled with a humorous and conscious approach.”