Free My Soul!

Free My Soul!
Mastery retreat

Am I ready to dive deeper in myself than I ever imagined? Maybe I'm asking myself these questions:

  • How can I be free in my sexuality?
  • How can I support others to be free in their sexuality and life?
  • How do I become more present and conscious in lovemaking?
  • How do I heal mine and others’ sexuality and experience divine levels of pleasure and full-body orgasms?
  • How do I practice gratitude for relationships and unconditional love even when relationships are difficult and the mind is convincing me that my partner is the cause of my pain?
  • How do I set myself and others free from common relationship issues (blaming, demanding, jealousy etc.) and be free, open and the best version of myself in every relationship?
  • How do I cope with my insecurities and doubts?
  • How can I support others to cope with theirs?
  • How do I go beyond my fears, shame and guilt?
  • How can I support others to go beyond theirs and to set themselves free?
  • How can I support myself as well as others in having an extraordinary life, full of joy, fulfilment, passion, freedom and magic?
  • How can I be the best channel for the infinite wisdom of the universe and support myself and others in healing and embracing the magic in life?

If so, Free My Soul is calling me.

Magic of Love beliefs that supporting others to heal themselves is the best way to heal myself as well. I can be a tantric healer and facilitator when I'm struggling with my own patterns and wounds - if I'm aware of them.

In this nine day retreat, I will dive deep into the field of conscious relationships and sacred sexuality. I will connect to my sensations and learn to listen to the body in order to connect to what I really am: an amazing, powerful and sexual human being! Afterwards, I'll be certified to facilitate one-day Magic of Love workshops.

So what can I expect during Free My Soul?

The training consists of three cornerstones. We start with connecting to our life energy by releasing shame, guilt and fear. We cleanse our belief system, our body and we come to experience our own beauty and celebrate our freedom. We are tapping into unlimited amounts of energy, pleasure and joy. Then, we connect to the infinite wisdom of our body. By becoming more sensitive and open we learn to fully rely on our intuition. We come to realize that our body and soul know exactly what to do in every moment. Going further, we use this energy and wisdom to support others in waking up to their truth. We practice techniques and tools to service others in connecting to their truth and embracing their greatness.

I'll learn practical tools to support me in giving workshops. But foremost I'll learn that I am the best facilitator I can be when I'm very present. If so, I can listen to the wisdom of my body.

What Techniques Are Used?

Free your Soul! is rooted in the following techniques and tools that will be practiced throughout the course, such as:

  • Relationship coaching — based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Tantric meditations and rituals
  • OSHO active meditations
  • Heart connecting meditations
  • Sacred boundaries and desires practices
  • Emotional release techniques — based on Shamanism
  • Full body tantric massage
  • Basic de-armouring techniques
  • Forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude practices
  • Belief system identification and releasing
  • Sublimation and orgasmic breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness and concentration meditations
  • Kundalini Yoga dance
  • Intuitive Yoga — based on Hatha and Kundalini Yoga


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