Free My Mind!

Free My Mind!
A sacred journey back to Love, Trust & Freedom

When I am honest with myself, what is my answer to these questions?

  • Do I love myself the way I am?
  • Am I living my full potential?
  • How much do I let my patterns guide my life, and how useful are they?

In Free My Mind I will learn the tools that support me to realize my own greatness. The purpose of the retreat is to acknowledge and experience that everything I ever wanted – love, happiness, joy, freedom, peace, enlightenment, truth – is already inside me.

To realize this, I become aware of my thoughts. The old, subconscious belief systems that limit me in daily life. The judgements of the outside and my inside world that stem from that. Why do I judge others? Why do I judge myself? Why do I think others judge me?

When I am aware of these beliefs, I can shed them and become present. In being present lies the key to freeing my mind.

So what can I expect during a Free My Mind retreat?

During this retreat, the facilitators will support and guide me into being more present with an array of effective techniques from tantra, shamanic practices, Buddhism, Humanication, neuro linguistic programming and more. Some of the meditations I can expect:

  • Lifecoaching and -healing
  • Emotional release techniques
  • ‘What do I want?’-meditation
  • Osho's Active Meditations
  • Dancing meditations
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Parents meditation
  • Inner child meditation
  • Personal initiation

The things I learn are very practical and hands on, so I can take them home with me and continue my journey even after the retreat.


The climax of this workshop is the initiation. After letting go of my limited beliefs and judgments, and experiencing myself as I really am, the initiation gives me the conscious connection to my true self. This powerful practice gives me the opportunity to change my life around.


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