Free My Heart!

Free My Heart!
The intimacy of truth

If I ask myself to really speak the truth, what would I answer to these questions?

  • Can I let go of my expectations in relationships?
  • Do I want to change my partner?
  • Do I make others responsible for my emotions?
  • How honestly do I communicate with my loved ones?
  • Can I fully accept and love my partner unconditionally?
  • Can I fully accept and love myself unconditionally?

In Free My Heart I will learn to come back to the present and fully accept everything that is here. Even if it's ugly. Even if it might hurt someone.

Because by releasing all shame, guilt and fear, I can discover that I was, am and always will be pure and full of love. When I meet myself at my deepest levels, I can see through my old patterns an projections and see that I have no use for them anymore in the present. I can learn to listen to the sensations in my body, which tell me what I really feel and want. This supports me to recognize and set my personal boundaries.

And then something magical happens: my energy begins to flow, I can feel so much love for myself and the world. I re-connect to my creative life force: my sexual energy.

So what can I expect during a Free My Heart retreat?

During this retreat, the facilitators will support and guide me to become aware of my sensations with an array of effective techniques from tantra, shamanic practices, Buddhism, Humanication, neuro linguistic programming, radical honesty and more. Some of the meditations I can expect:

  • Life coaching
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Osho's Kundalini meditation
  • Forgiveness meditation
  • Sexual healing with conscious boundaries awarenes
  • Intimacy and conscious sexuality
  • Self-pleasure ritual
  • Tantric Massage
  • Breathing and sublimation techniques
  • Sacred tantra meditations and rituals

The techniques I learn are very practical and hands on, so I can take them home with me and continue my journey even after the retreat.

They are also suitable for singles and couples, with experience or without. This retreat course is for everyone!


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