Free Your Mind!

Free Your Mind! - A sacred journey back to Love, Trust & Freedom!

Free Your Mind is a 5 day tantra retreat that will guide you through a series of meditations, techniques and tools to meet yourself at the deepest levels.

Some of the methods that you will learn and experience in the workshop include:

  • Life Coaching & Healing
  • Emotional Release Techniques (from shamanic practices)
  • ‘What do I want?’ Meditation
  • Osho's Active Meditations
  • Dancing Meditations
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Parents Meditation
  • Inner child Meditation
  • Personal Initiation

Experiencing these practices brings you into deeper awareness of your subconscious programming and allows you to create new patterns that will bring you into a sense of Love, trust and freedom!

How much do you really Love yourself?

When you are totally honest with yourself:

  • How content are you from your Life?
  • Do you have the feeling that your life can be full of joy and abundance?
  • Can you love and enjoy yourself much more?
  • Do you feel that what you are looking for is just so close and for some reason you just don't get it?

If  you answered yes to one (or more) of these questions this workshop might be exactly what you were looking for...

We are all enlightened powerful human beings right here and right now. How much joy, happiness, abundance, Love and beauty we are experiencing in our life depends on how much freedom and space we create in our mind.

‘Free Your Mind’ is a self realization workshop a sacred journey back to Love, trust & freedom.

The purpose of this workshop is to acknowledge—by experience and not just from understanding—how amazing, beautiful and blessed we actually are. We start recognising that everything we ever wanted—Love, happiness, joy, freedom, peace, enlightenment, truth—is inside us. All these elements are the source of who we really are.

When we do not pay attention to the nature of our thoughts we are not conscious. We perceive our life as limited, fearful and search for love and approval outside of ourselves. By observing our own thoughts we start recognising limited beliefs and judgements which make us feel unworthy.

In this self realization workshop we combine - on one hand - experience ourselves beyond our thoughts and beyond our body, touching our essence, our source, our true nature  - the place of peace, joy and love. on the other hand - we get to know and release our limited beliefs and judgments by bringing them into our awareness. This combination of connecting our essence, our source with the process of releasing our limiting beliefs and judgments will allow us to accept and love ourselves unconditionally.


The climax of this workshop is the Initiation. After letting go of our limited beliefs, judgments and experiencing ourselves as we really are, the initiation gives us the conscious connection to our infinite true self. It provides us with tools we use in our daily life to stay connected to our nature, to our beautiful unlimited true self.

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