Free Your Heart!

Free Your Heart! Conscious Relationships & Sacred Sexuality

Free Your Heart is a 7 day tantra retreat that will guide you through a series of meditations, techniques and tools to meet yourself at the deepest levels.

Some of the methods that you will learn and experience in the workshop include:

  • Life coaching & emotional release techniques
  • Kundalini Yoga dancing meditation
  • Sexual Healing with conscious boundaries awareness
  • Relationships based on freedom & empowerment
  • Intimacy & Conscious Sexuality
  • Self-pleasure ritual & Tantric Massage
  • Breathing and sublimation techniques
  • Sacred Tantra meditations & rituals

Experiencing these practices brings you into deeper awareness of your subconscious programming and allows you to create new patterns that will bring you into a sense of Love, trust and freedom!

Happy, Content and Free

How happy, content and free are you in your intimate love relationships, in your sexuality? What would happen if you answer the following questions in total honesty for yourself?

  • Can I let go of my expectations?
  • Do I want my relationships to be a little different?
  • Do I want to change my partner?
  • How much do I really Love my partner?
  • Can I fully accept and Love my partner unconditionally?
  • Can I fully accept myself unconditionally?

‘Free Your Heart’ is a course in Conscious Relationships & Sacred Sexuality and for exploring your inner-self. This course is suitable for singles & couples, with experience or without. Yes, the course is for everyone.

How can we heal?

Throughout life we all run into situations that hurt us.

We begin the journey of sexual healing by connecting, trusting and listening to the wisdom of our bodies. We enter into a safe and supportive environment that provides space where we can heal.

In this retreat, you will be encouraged to explore your feelings and sensations. The sensations in our body are signs, which tell us how we really feel and what we really want.

We will learn to recognize and set our personal boundaries. We re-connect to our creative life force energy, our sexual energy.

Am I brave enough to forgive?

Part of healing from past trauma is forgiveness. We can think about forgiveness, but often we can still hold on to pain and resentment.

In this retreat, we will practice three different meditations that will go deep into the subconscious to forgive others and ourselves. By forgiving other people, we have a chance to release the resentment, anger, grief and shame from our heart in order to come back to freedom, trust and Love again.

Am I conscious, present and open in my relationships?

We will learn to practice conscious relationships and sexuality, based on the idea of "Oneness." This means we choose to believe that there is no separation between any of us.

Separation is a story of our mind/ego, and separation is the source of our fear. In this retreat, we will shift our focus to the connection we have with every human being.

We can experience Love...

...and learn to understand that anything we give to someone else, is actually what we give to ourselves.

We experience being conscious...

....and start to give and share.

The beauty of this is that as we share our Love it expands!

Why do I blame my beloved?

Relationship is the best platform for growth. Relationship challenges us because our partner is our mirror, and therefore our reflection.

When we discover our reactions and the places our partner(s) trigger within us, we discover our own blind spots. By becoming aware of these blind spots, we create the space to heal and grow.

The conscious way to be in relationship is to learn to better understand ourselves through our partner and to be grateful for the opportunity to expand.

Can I allow myself to be vulnerable and trust Love again?

We got hurt in the past, so we feel afraid to open our heart again. We want to trust Love, but it makes us feel vulnerable.

When we are true to ourselves, we can begin growing deep connections. When we allow ourselves to fully relax, when we are totally honest with our desires and our fears, when we are exposed, open and vulnerable, we naturally experience the intimate Love relationships that we really want.

Understanding Yourself

We can ask ourselves questions that help us to recognize our conditioned beliefs:

  • How natural is my sexuality?
  • How did I first learn about intimate Love relationships and about making Love?
  • Where did I gather my information from: pornography, my parents and religion?
  • How free do I feel in my sexuality?
  • How are my orgasms?
  • How content do I feel with my sex life?

Freeing Yourself

When we understand the ways we have been sexually conditioned and how much our sexuality has been suppressed since our childhood, we can be compassionate and patient with our partners and ourselves. We learn to re-connect to the source of our sexual energy, which is the most powerful, beautiful and creative energy we can use.

The energy we call sexual energy is our creative life energy. As life is created within the sexual act this energy is seen as the source of our creative energy.

Sexual/life energy is creating, healing, loving, empowering, manifesting and all we set our mind to. Can you imagine you can also use this energy in all other aspects of your life, realizing all your dreams, stepping back into your own power? We will go deeper by releasing the shame, guilt and fear from our bodies and with this allowing ourselves to be who we really are—powerful, sexual and loving human beings.

Sexuality is a delicate, complex, sensitive and mysterious issue. Have faith in your true self. Trust your own powers and feeling. You are already beautiful, loving and radiating just as you are right now.

Experience yourself in your vulnerability, in your sexuality, in your freedom. Join us for this powerful event and free your heart!

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