The Quantum Leap Freedom Program

The Quantum Leap Freedom Program

Shamanic Tantra..  death & rebirth into yourself.

The Quantum Leap Freedom Program is the Magic of Love journey to full liberation of the self, a cosmic quantum leap that sets you free in 21 days.
The Quantum Leap Freedom Program includes all 3 retreats: Free my Mind!, Free my Heart! & Free my Soul!
With timing in between for integration and grounding (also after Free my Soul!) to complete the transformation in 40 days.
In the pace of our earths physics we call it magic, we call it miracle & it can happen in zero time, a jump into the spirit realm.
Even if I don’t believe in Gods or Spirits I connect to the energy that holds the universe together. Cultivating a relationship to the Life Force Energy that vibrates through all of us and connects us with the infinite pleasure and love of our realm.
To invite this cosmic energy into my direction so it will be beneficial to our healing and expansion, the most natural cure to our wounds, the fuel for intentions to manifest into matter, for dreams to become reality, wishes to be fulfilled.
A shamanic tantra initiation that guides me from liberation of my mind, of beliefs and expectations to recognize the divine moment, further to a break free of my heart’s obstacles and experience ultimate freedom in love, sexuality and relationships and finally invite the healing powers of my soul into my life, to support myself and others in their journey of empowerment.

A chance to grow into a richer version of yourself, to receive downloads of knowledge and guidance for your precious paths to walk on this planet. Together we bring a higher frequency to mother earth and wake up to magic in a strong collective evolution.

Are you ready to jump from the cliff into the unknown mystery that this life has to offer?
Do you feel a call to empower your gifts and step into your potential?
Do you feel of the synchronicity that most people call coincidence?
Do you want to give yourself the chance to start a new life?
Do you feel a call to inspire others?

We highly recommend to do the program in the divine order and become a faculty family member of our Magic of Love Team.

Free my Mind! 5-day retreat in Egypt:

Free my Heart! 7-day retreat in Egypt:

Free my Soul! 9-day retreat in Egypt:

Come as you are and dive in!

See you in Sinai ♥︎


Karim Nadav Or & Ann-Christin

Magic of Love

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