Free My Mind! – Transform into Love, Trust & freedom!

Free My Mind! – Transform into Love, Trust & freedom!

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Date(s) - 08 Jan - 15 Jan
12:00 am


Hey beautiful you!

When I am honest with myself, what is my answer to these questions?

Do I love myself the way I am?
Am I living my full potential?
How much do I let my patterns guide my life, and how useful are they?
In Free My Mind I will learn the tools that support me to realize my own greatness. The purpose of the retreat is to acknowledge and experience that everything I ever wanted – love, happiness, joy, freedom, peace, enlightenment, truth – is already inside me.

To realize this, I become aware of my thoughts. The old, subconscious belief systems that limit me in daily life. The judgements of the outside and my inside world that stem from that. Why do I judge others? Why do I judge myself? Why do I think others judge me?

When I am aware of these beliefs, I can shed them and become present. In being present lies the key to freeing my mind.

Curious about the methods we use? About the facilitator and founder of Magic of Love, Nadav Or? About experiences from others? Read more details here:

Following Retreats –

Free my Heart! 
Free my Soul!

El castillo – this amazing venue is an enchanting castle with gorgeous views of Lake Atitlan. The raw energy of this place will support us to go even deeper.

6 Days (& 6 nights) Free my Mind: $ 600,-
7 Days (& 7 nights) free my Heart $ 700,-
9 Days (& 9 nights) Free my Soul $ 900,-

This includes yummy vegan love food, accommodation at the enchanted castle, Private Boat from San Marcos & A shuttle from Pana.

If you choose to do our Freedom Program (all 3 retreats together) you pay a discounted price of $ 1500,-
If you choose to do both Free my Mind and Free my Heart you pay a discounted price of $1000,-

Send an e-mail with your full name, date of birth and the retreat(s) you want to participate in to

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