Free your Heart! ~ The Netherlands

Free your Heart! ~ The Netherlands

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Date(s) - 23 Nov - 26 Nov
9:00 am - 12:00 am



~ Tantra, Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Relating ~
This Magical Celebration of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating will take you on a journey.
To love, relaxation, bliss, pleasure, opening, consciousness, relating, honesty, clarity, joy, bliss, trust and freedom. In your relationships, in your sexuality and mostly in yourself.
Daily morning, afternoon and evening meditations, temple nights, forgiveness meditations, massage, self-pleasure ritual, touch, vegan food and much more yumminess. Are you brave enough to love?
How happy, content and free are you in your (intimate) relationships?
Do you want your relationships to be a little different?
Can you accept yourself and your partner unconditionally?
How much do you allow your sexual life force energy to flow?
And most of all….
Are you brave enough to forgive?
As children we were open, full of love and trust, and then we got hurt. We have had the tendency to blame others, the opposite sex, our parents or our friends for this pain. This blame is blocking our hearts. In order to love again, we want to forgive everyone that has ever hurt us. Especially ourselves…
With different meditations we will have the chance to forgive others and ourselves and to come back to Love and Trust again.
Iin a safe and supportive environment we will start the journey of sexual healing by connecting, trusting and listening to the wisdom of our bodies. The sensations in our body are signs which tell us how we really feel and what we really want. We will learn to recognize and set our personal boundaries. We will re-connect to our creative life force energy also known as sexual energy.
Are you ready to embrace your Greatness?
The energy we call sexual energy is our life energy. As life is created within the sexual act, this energy is seen as the source of our creativity. Sexual/life energy is creating, healing, loving, empowering, manifesting and all we set our mind to. Can you imagine yourself using this energy in all other aspects of your life, fullfilling your dreams, stepping back into your own power? We will go deeper by releasing shame, guilt and fears from our bodies and with this allowing ourselves to be who we really are—powerful, sexual and loving human beings.
Part of the practices and methods we will learn and experience in the course are:
– Life coaching & emotional release techniques
– 3 Forgiveness Meditations
– SYD (Slow Yoga Dance) Meditation
– Sexual Healing with conscious boundaries awareness
– Relationships based on freedom & empowerment
– Intimacy & Conscious Sensuality
– Self pleasure ritual & Tantric Massage
– Breathing and sublimation techniques
– Sacred Tantra meditations & rituals
Workshop + Vegan meals throughout the retreat + Accommodation on Thursday, Friday & Saturday
– Early bird ticket: 525 eur (first 5)
– Regular ticket: 575 eur
– Payment plan: 150eur now, rest within the upcoming 6 months.
Any questions? Doubts? Money constraints? We are here to support you to create magic for yourself. Send us an e-mail:
Send an e-mail with your full name, phone number, date of birth and confirmation of transfer payment to
Guarantee yourself a ticket by transferring the non-refundable payment of 100eur.
Paypal: 100 +3.75eur transfer fee
Name: Karlijn Kouwenhoven
Bank: send an email to
“Leegte om ons heen, leegte in ons hoofd. Weidse uitzichten en wolken partijen” – Lilly (owner Biodanzasalon)
Free your Mind! takes place in the beautiful quiet village of Haren in Den Bosch. The address is Biodanzasalon, Eindstraat 18 in Haren (important: close to Oss in Brabant).
In the heart of the Dutch fields we create a safe, open and trusted Magic of Love temple.
We can offer you the opportunity to stay over on Thursday and Sunday night as well (15eur extra a night). Give yourself time to digest, go for a walk in nature, pack your things and ground yourself by making your way out of the Magic of Love bubble gently on Monday morning/ afternoon.
– Free parking space available and we can arrange pick up from the station of Oss. Just let us know your ETA.
– Bring your own sleeping bag and/or tent. We have some beautiful spots to camp underneath the apple trees in the garden 🙂
A glimpse from the magic?
‘This Retreat opened my heart in a way that can not be closed, I am very grateful for finding out I am capable of unconditional love and I can experience this through all of my life. ~ Kees Schenk
‘I feel a deep connection with my self. It’s meeting with Peacefulness, Silence, and in the same time Excitement and Enthusiastic from every little experience of my life.’~ Amit Goldenberg
‘This Retreat was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life. I could let go of my obsession for love.’ ~ Noam Cohen Raz
‘After the Retreat I felt a transformation that helped me to get answers to questions I had about myself. I feel forever different. I understood, I felt what it’s like to feel peaceful inside. I learned to love myself for the divine being that I am. I recommend this workshop to anyone who has questions about themselves.’ ~ Cat Griffith
“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).
Looking forward to see you!
Thank you and Namaste
Magic of Love Global ♥

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