Free my Heart! – The Art of Love

Free my Heart! – The Art of Love

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Date(s) - 26 Oct - 02 Nov
4:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Rossa Beach Camp


Free my Heart – The Art of Love – Empowerment through pleasure
The intimacy of truth & conscious relating

It is highly recommended to follow the order of the Quantum Leap Freedom Program (see below).English after Hebrew

Magic of Love – הארגון הבינ”ל לאמנויות החיים –
מציג –
שלושה ריטריטים (סדנאות) משני חיים ואת תכנית הקפיצה הקוונטית (ראי בהמשך)-
Free my Mind (5 days & 5 nights), Free my Heart (7 days & 7 nights) & Free my Soul (9 days & 9 nights)

Free my Heart! – The Art of Love

יחסים מודעים, מיניות מקודשת והאינטימיות שבכנות
מסע עומק של לקיחת אחריות, סליחה, שחרור העבר ובחירה אותנטית וכנה בהתמסרות לאהבה ולחופש. חיבור לאנרגיה המינית כאנרגיית התשוקה בחיי והאנרגיה היצירתית של חיי לטובת ריפוי, עונג והרחבת תודעה. למידה ותרגול של יחסים מודעים שצומחים מתוך בחירה אותנטית, כנות וחופש. על ידי לקיחת אחריות על האושר, העונג והאהבה שלי ושבי. יחסים מודעים – במקום ליפול באהבה (Fall in Love) אוכל לגדול ולהמריא באהבה (Rise in Love). וממקום זה אוכל לבחור לתת ממקום כן (ולא מריצוי) ולגלות את הקסם שבהרחבת לבי ואהבתי כתוצאה מנתינה אותנטית.

אני יכול לבחור להצטרף לכל ריטריט בנפרד בזמנים שונים ומקומות שונים (סיני, הודו או פרו). אנו ממליצים לעשות את הריטריטים לפי הסדר העוקב. שלושת הריטרים ביחד מרכיבים את תכנית הקפיצה הקוונטית – 21 ימים של הריטריטים וזמן בין הריטריטים ואחרי של אינטגרציה והפנמה להשלמת 40 הימים של התכנית ובסופם להתקבל ולהצטרף לצוות ההנחיה וההנהגה של הארגון.

Free my Heart! – The Art of Love

If I ask myself to really speak the truth, what would I answer to these questions?

~ Can I let go of my expectations in relationships?
~ Do I want to change my partner?
~ Do I make others responsible for my emotions?
~ How honestly do I communicate with my loved ones?
~ Can I fully accept and love myself and my partner unconditionally?

In Free My Heart I will learn to come back to the present and fully accept everything that is here. Even if it’s hard and ugly all is to grow and come to a state of peace.

Because by releasing all shame, guilt and fear, I can discover that I was, am and always will be pure and full of love. When I meet myself at my deepest levels, I can see through my old patterns an projections and see that I have no use for them anymore in the present. I can learn to listen to the sensations in my body, which tell me what I really feel and want. This supports me to recognize and set my personal boundaries.

And then something magical happens: my energy begins to flow, I can feel so much love for myself and the world. I re-connect to my creative life force: my sexual energy.

Next to Rossa Beach Camp in Sinai, Egypt.
A spiritual energy center that holds vibrations of awakening within the worlds 5th chakra. The Sinai Mountain is a vortex of cosmic energy. As the throat of the earth it speaks to us, through us in perfect balance of feminine and masculine, the mountain of the sun and the moon, the yin and the yang. Where we come together for reconnecting to our inner balance, our divine marriage with the god and goddess within.

Closest airports:
We suggest you to fly to Tel Aviv and travel through Israel to Eilat and then Sinai. A FB group for participants will allow you to travel and organize the arrival together. Please check your visa requirements before your travels.

Informal welcome/ checking in: 26 October from 1pm onwards
Start official program: 26 October, 5pm
Closing official program: 2 November 1pm
We will have a daily program from 9am – 10pm including breaks.

The investment for the retreat is 1300€ including vegan love food, accommodation for 7 nights and and 7 days training.

~ Scholarship Option for people who need money support
(10 limited places, 5 places still available)
~ Who brings a friend receives a gift from Magic of Love
~ Combination of Free my Mind! + Free my Heart!
investment 2000€
investment 3200€

220€ via
Ann-Christin Kurtze
DE14 1007 0848 0123 9094 00
(Israeli Bankaccount alternative available!)

A maximum of 22 participants can attend the retreat.
Save your spot ♥︎

Do you have any questions? Want to register?
Write us a message or send an e-mail to


Is the Magic of Love Program to full liberation of the self, a cosmic quantum leap that sets you free in 21 days. The Quantum Leap Freedom Program includes all 3 retreats: Free my Mind!, Free my Heart! & Free my Soul! With timing in between for integration and grounding (also after Free my Soul!) to complete the transformation in 40 days.
In the pace of our earths physics we call it magic, we call it miracle & it can happen in zero time, a jump into the spirit realm.
Even if I don’t believe in Gods or Spirits I connect to the energy that holds the universe together.
To invite this cosmic energy into my direction so it will be beneficial to our healing and expansion.
A shamanic tantric initiation that guides me from liberation of my mind, of beliefs and expectations to recognize the divine moment,
further to a break free of my heart’s obstacles and experience ultimate freedom in love, sexuality and relationships and finally
invite the healing powers of my soul into my life, to support myself and others in their journey of empowerment.

We highly recommend to follow the order of the Quantum Leap Freedom program and to become a family member of our Magic of Love Team.

Free my Mind! 5-day retreat in Egypt:

Free my Heart! 7-day retreat in Egypt:

Free my Soul! 9-day retreat in Egypt:

Come as you are and dive in!

About the Facilitator:
Karim Nadav Or was born (in 1972) in Israel and lived there until 2011. After 18 years of being a teacher and 10 years of spiritual practice (Humanication, Osho groups, Shamanism and NLP coaching), Karim Nadav has started to share his knowledge and experience by facilitating self-realization retreats, Tantra retreats and providing life coaching in Israel, Asia and Europe. Seven years ago he had his awakening to his eternal true self, and since then he dedicates his life for sharing his awakening to Love and Freedom with the world.


“LOVE is still and again and again…the answer” – Linda

“The course is amazing! For me the course freed my mind. I became more conscious of what the mind is telling me and that it is actually bullshit. The course has opened my heart in a way that I had never imagined before.” – Rudy

“The main thing I have learned is to accept myself for who I really am, to have love and compassion for me and that allows me to share that with others fully. Thank you Nadav and all my other brothers and sisters” – Jeremy

“The course brings me so much. It brings me love, acceptance of myself, totally, for who I am. No thinking, just being. Being the sexual woman that I am – and fully life that. Ik gun het iedereen!” – Catherine

“A lot of fun, a really nice group of people came together. It was nice to see how the affection for everyone grew over these days. It was very nourishing to me. I would recommend it to everyone. Getting in touch with their heart” – Ezequiel

“I learned how to be in the present and enjoy the present. I learned the techniques that allow me to be present in case my mind is tricking me to think about the future or the past. I learned that I choose love rather than fear. I learned how to be myself even more, to embrace whatever emotions I have. I learned to be free, to free my heart! I feel high on life!” – Gustavo

“I have my heart opened in a way that it will never change again, in a good way. So many beautiful brothers and sisters, so many deep connections. Really beautiful. After the course it was beautiful to see how empowered I felt and still feel and how all the relationships around me, friends, work and family, changed in such a positive strong way. I am very grateful.” – Tamara

“I’m taking this course again – the last time I felt like a new born baby after the course. Read the description, check with yourself, if you resist it – it’s your course. If you want to attend but think of all these reasons you can’t – it’s your course. Do something to get it and face yourself as you are. Beautiful!”- Jura Glo

Embrace your greatness!

For further questions:
Ann-Christin (12-20h)
+972 509505170

See you soon,
Yours always,
Karim Nadav Or & Ann-Christin
Magic of Love ♥

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