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The Quantum Leap Freedom Program

Shamanic Tantra..  death & rebirth into yourself. The Quantum Leap Freedom Program is the Magic of Love journey to full liberation of the self, a cosmic quantum leap that sets you free in 21 days. The Quantum Leap Freedom Program includes all 3 retreats: Free my Mind!, Free my Heart! & Free my Soul! With…
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Freedom is a choice.
Imagine finding your voice,
expressing and addressing your deepest emotions,
the truth spoken manifests magic that's potent to unleash our true potential.
Let go of expectations and experience the exciting outcomes of what you put in.
The universe is always accurate,  if it's a maybe it's a no,  and if it's a yes, then you are very welcome to the intention dimension.
Take 100% responsibility for the life you live and invest in yourself.
All is welcome here to "Free my Mind"
-Magic of Love

2017 year of Transition for Magic of Love

Big News Everyone! Magic of Love is in the year of transition! What does it mean? We don't know it yet! In 2018 we are planning longer and bigger retreats, different names that imply the additional value which is brought in the programs by expansion of the core team and facilitators. Yes! We are going to…
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The Magic is back in Europe

Hey Europe! We just got back from orgasmic expansions in Australia and Peru. The last half year has been incredible for both Nadav and Kabira! In Australia Karlijn Kabira has facilitated weekly Sacred Tantra Meditations (10x) in Melbourne and Sydney, she's has had the honor to teach with Bud Barber (Heart of Shiva Tantra School) and is now…
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